Survey Results:

Should Do The Gomosh Mosh be made into a video? 32 responses
Fuck Yes! Gomosh deserves to be put in the lime light! 16 / 32
Fuck No! Gomosh sucks ass big time! 16 / 32
  • Zaal aka Bill is taking a break from DDO for a while do to personal stuff. Bil, l I wish you well and take your time buddy.
    • Next Week’s Special Guest: Roy

    Guest BIO: Friend that I know in real life. He is a fellow mmo-ologist and has been playing MMO’s long before Yak. Roy played EQ1 back since it’s release and several years after. He played DDO and you will be surprised at what MMO he is playing now.

    Future Guests: Jerry from DDO Cast, Parvo (Leader of Mortal Permadeath guild), Clankenbeard, Jaysun O’Scalleigh, Ypek (Anarchy Online), Karli’s & her Guildies, Round Table of Past Guests, Free for all Royal Rumble.